An assisted crypto trading platform to reduce risk and trade easy.


Designed and built with a friend of mine, we wanted to build a crypto trading platform that would make it easier to sleep at night.. because trading Crypto is.. uh.. scary sometimes. We built the system to assist you when setting up trades, and being able to place multiple orders with a max loss that you are comfortable with. We simplified the traditional trading form and do all the heavy lifting. No more calculating where you should cut your losses. No more figuring out exactly where you should take profit. No more mental math needed for scaling in or out

It's everything a trading platform should be.

As of March 2023, the platform is in the process of being acquired by Dashed – a crypto analytics and storytelling platform.
Technology used




Reduce risk with ease.

Your max risk is minimized with every trade so you can stay calm and collected.

Rest easy without having to time tops and bottoms.

DreamTrade's scaled orders lets you buy and sell in increments instead of a single point.

Stop guessing where you placed your trades.

Our charts let you see all your orders and positions in one place.