Amplify the voice of your organization


HappyTeam empower leaders and their teams by providing an effective way to share ideas, collect feedback, and take action on what matters most.

I built HappyTeam because I was frusterated (and annoyed) with how long it takes to run engagement surveys, categorize results, find themes, and then take action. By the time you see feedback, it's often too late. HappyTeam uses AI to send surveys, and collect anytime feedback from employees. It automatically categorizes and tags responses saving People Ops team and leaders weeks.

Technology used


Tools to paint the full picture and save you a heck of a lot of time.

Insight discovery takes a lot of time. You spends weeks putting your engagement surveys together, and often just as long categorizing and tagging responses to derive meaning. With HappyTeam, you'll you certainly save time, but most importantly, be able to focus your efforts on what matters most – taking care of your people.

Interpretation to discover meaning

Responses are automatically tagged by intent. Is a question being asked? Is a suggestion being made? Is an issue being raised? Or is someone or something being praised?

Categorization to determine priority

What’s the theme of this response? Has it occurred before? Is it something urgent to address? What department or segment is this coming from?

Tooling to take action

Having insight is great, but what matters most to your employees is what you do with it. Anonymously reply to a response, assign a peer or team manager to investigate, kickoff a discussion, track and highlight trends, or publish results to showcase transparency

Incentivize your team

Unpacking actionable insights is hard.. but getting teams to actively participate (and want to) can be even harder.

Participate and earn points

Assign a point value to all surveys and anytime feedback. When a team member submits a response, they earn points.

Cash in for rewards

Create rewards like gift cards, company swag and more that employees can cash in their points on.

Manage redemptions & fulfillment

Get alerted when a team member redeems their points, mark as fulfilled, edit reward availability and more!