Supercharged newsletter communities


InboxHype is a community platform for newsletter operators, enabling them to go beyond the inbox with their audience.

Building a community that fosters connections among subscribers is the ultimate catalyst for newsletter growth. It's not just about the content, the community you create makes all the difference – and I made InboxHype to make it easy to build one.

InboxHype integrates with Beehiiv, Buttondown, MailerLite, and ConvertKit email platforms. Newsletter operators never need to worry about community membership access, as the core integration handles all subscription validation. If you're subscribed to said newsletter, you can login with a click of a button.

Technology used

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Automagic Newsletter Indexing

We make it effortless to share your newsletter on the platform. No copy+pasting or complicated integrations required – simply add InboxHype's email address to your subscriber list and you're good to go.

Archive Search & Knowledge Bot

InboxHype elevates the reader experience by providing easy access to newsletter content through an intelligent search tool. Say goodbye to sifting through your inbox - your members can quickly ask questions and receive personalized answers from a knowledgeable bot.

Analytics & Insights

Go beyond open rates. With InboxHype, you’ll get access to valuable insights into your audience's behavior and engagement with your content. From popular newsletters, unanswered questions, trending discussions, most active members and more. With these stats, you can gain a deeper understanding of your readers and make data-driven decisions to improve your content strategy.


With InboxHype, every newsletter you send automatically generates a corresponding post in your community, where readers can share their feedback and thoughts with other members. Members can also start discussions by creating their own posts.

Community Incentives & Rewards

InboxHype allows you to gamify your newsletter community by rewarding members with points and badges for engaging with your content, providing a fun and interactive way to encourage participation. You can get creative with how you use these incentives, such as offering exclusive content or giveaways.

Earn through sponsorships

Filled out your sponsorship slots for your newsletter? Not a problem! You can now offer a new slot on your community page. Create campaigns and share real-time analytics with your sponsors!

Integrated with your ESP

Member management is a piece of cake. Connect your newsetter's ESP, and automatically grant community access to your subscribers. You can even import your archive! Currently we support Beehiiv, Buttondown, ConvertKit, Mailchimp and MailerLite – more coming soon!